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See what other people are saying about our Asbury Plaza apartments! At Asbury Plaza Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Asbury plaza location is close to many south Denver food gems and is within a few miles biking to Cherry Creek/ Glendale shopping area. The Property manager and staff are kind, and the property is kept clean. The surrounding neighborhood is also friendly with A dog park nearby. The two bedrooms are affordable & recently updated. The main con here is that the apartments are older, so there has been some maintenance issues. However, there is 24 hour maintenance and their responsive.


Can honestly say that the management here has really been a real change, Rosa thank you for what you do and thank you for being such good help for whenever I need it I think we’ve built such a great bond , you’re awesome!




Asbury Plaza is my first apartment. Initially during the leasing process, there was some miscommunication, HOWEVER, Rosa has been candid and honest which makes all the difference. As the new leasing agent, I am very proud of Rosa’s initiative to get the place back in order from the last agent. When I first moved in, there were roaches. After NEVER having roaches in my entire life and explaining the health concerns it posed, Rosa was VERY vigilant in getting the extermination and getting things right. With Rosa, if you have an issue and you’re just as vigilant, she does what she can in her reasonable power to make sure things are right. I’ve watched too much Judge Judy all my life to be an ignorant tenant; this makes all the difference when requesting/negotiating with a leasing agent. Rosa is VERY knowledgeable about leasing and conducting business. When it came to the pests, she acknowledged her own gaps in understanding and ACTIVELY sought to deal with the issue comprehensively. As a tenant, I am doing what’s in my power to not attract them (boric acid, home defense, being cleanly in general) ,and Rosa has been making it so all those efforts don’t go to waste. Asbury is not perfect because nothing is, but because of the management, it makes a strong statement in how issues are managed and THATS what makes the difference and THATS what makes Asbury a 4/5. Rosa is working her butt off to get this place in order. She may need more staff and patience from other tenants, but she is good on her word as far as I’m concerned.


Verified Resident

Good as it gets
My third floor apartment is great, with perfect sun exposure for my plants, in a quiet neighborhood close to a few parks and lots of grocery stores and restaurants. Rosa Chambers is an excellent manager. She puts her heart into her job.


Landlords Always at the office and always help when I need help


We love our apartment and the neighborhood! Best apartment I've ever lived in, and to top it off the property manager and the maintenance man are kind, understanding, and a pleasure to be around! Glad to call Asbury Plaza my home


Verified Resident

best apartment I've lived in!
We moved into Asbury Plaza earlier this year, and absolutely love it! The property manager and maintenance man are incredibly kind, understanding, and pleasure to work with! Love them both! Zero complaints about anything here! Glad to call this home!


Verified Resident

10-Stars Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills, Property management exceeds all expectations, but Rosa really needs team work she needs an assistant property manager ASAP!! Excelente el profesionalismo de la manejadora de este complejo de departamentos, siempre resuelve todo de la mejor manera excede todas las expectativas. Gracias Rosa C.

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